GAME UPDATE 9/5/2019

Enter: The Scrap Transport Helicopter

Scrap Transport Helicopter

  • A new air vehicle hits the skies of Rust this month. The Scrap Transport Helicopter is a behemoth - with 2 seats up front and a whole bunch of room for junk in the trunk. This scrappy uses twice as much fuel as its little brother (the Minicopter) and will easily crush anyone it happens to land on.
  • Like other vehicles in game, it spawns randomly around the map. On a default world size (4k) there appear to be 5 spawning at once, so it is definitely a rare commodity. As far as decay is concerned, it’ll last 3 hours (no benefits for storing inside).
  • It has 1000hp and the controls are just like the Minicopter: WASD combined with mouse movements for pitch and roll. It handles as you would expect; a bit sluggish while being pretty forgiving when it comes to losing control.
  • And how many people exactly can you fit in the back of one of these? Our preliminary tests show that upwards of 20 people can squeeze into the back of this thing. Add the two people up front, and you’ve got a huge group which can be transported at once.
  • For full details on the Scrap Transport Helicopter, check out my post from earlier this week.

Anti-aircraft buffs

  • With all this added air superiority, increased ground defenses are certainly in order. Accomplished through a series of buffs, players on the ground will have an easier time competing with aircraft.
  • First, the Rocket Launcher is now a Tier 2 item and cheaper to craft. Also, a new type of damage has been added for HV Rockets and SAM Sites, which deals extra damage to air vehicles. HV Rockets have also been made cheaper, tier 2, and are now more accurate and faster than before. Finally, the Minicopter now has 750hp, making it easier to destroy.

  • Here are some numbers on what it now takes to bring down helicopters:

Auto Turret Electricity

  • As alluded to by the devs earlier, base defense has received some significant changes this month. Specifically, Auto Turrets now require electricity (10 units) and only fire when they will hit a target - making them theoretically undrainable.
  • Along with the electricity, Turrets now have added abilities through several outputs. This allows you to link electrical components (such as lights) which trigger when the turret is low on ammo, out of ammo, and has an active target.

Small Fuel Generator added

  • With more electricity requirements comes more ways to generate electricity. The Small Generator creates 40 power by burning Low Grade Fuel. It’s a pretty common blueprint, requiring only 75 scrap to research and a Tier 2 workbench to craft.
  • It also features inputs to force start and force stop - allowing you to hook them up to switches or other electrical components, creating a bunch of interesting possibilities (like solar during the day, generator at night.
  • It burns about 8 Low Grade per minute, so at max capacity (500 Low Grade) it’ll run for just over an hour.

GAME UPDATE 8/9/2019

Linux is a cheater's Sanctuary?

Image from Gyazo

Over the last six months the Linux version has become more popular with the cheating community.

    Facepunch's plans as of today is this:
  • The Win/Mac versions will update as normal and will be able to play on the same servers.
  • The Linux version won't receive new features
  • The Linux version will have its own dedicated server and won't be able to join Win/Mac servers.
  • The Linux version will get maintenance patches
  • The Linux server for Win/Mac builds will be available as normal
  • This will happen on 5th September
  • Don't make Linux versions of any future games because we can't/won't properly support it
  • Say goodbye to linux support👋

GAME UPDATE 8/1/2019

Welcome the Excavator!

This isn't just a static prop, it's a fully functioning mining excavator powered by Diesel. You can find the required fuel in the Junkyard, oil rigs and at the top of the Dome.

You can also exchange low grade fuel for diesel, but it isn't cheap.

To use the excavator, you'll need to clear out the scientists that are guarding it and make your way into the engine room. Once you've added the fuel, you can power up the engine and make your way along the catwalk to the control room then select a resource type to mine. The mined resources will be deposited in equal amounts at two drop points. This means you'll need at least 4 people to operate it without a chance of someone stealing either the fuel or the output.

NEWS 8/1/2019

Website is almost done!

The website is nearing completion! Yay!